Can your ultrasonic antifouling system be installed while the boat is in the water?

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As the transducers are fitted to the inside of the hull, there is no requirement to lift the boat for the install itself (see below for one exception to this). If however your vessel is fouled prior to the install we generally recommend lifting the hull to at least remove the existing fouling with a pressure wash or scrape. The Ultrasonic Antifouling system will destroy algae and barnacles on your hull and the majority of this growth will come off during use the barnacle shells that existed prior to the installation of the ultrasonic unit will die but not fall off without physical intervention through a scrub/scrape/water blast during a lift or by hiring a diver to clean your hull.

There is however one exception to this rule. If your vessels hull is Foam or Balsa cored it is recommended that you remove the vessel from the water to carry out the installation to prevent any unwanted mishaps.

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