What is the best hull position for the transducer(s)?

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The best positioning of the transducer(s) depends on the system you have chosen. One transducer should be positioned close to the propeller and shaft to offer maximum protection, usually 2/3rd’s of the way back from the shaft exit point from the hull. The other transducers should be positioned approximately every 10 – 12metres along the length of the hull.

When the vessel is longer than approx. 24m sometimes the beam of the vessel becomes too wide for a single transducer across the width, in this case two transducers can be positioned across the width of the vessel.

The Ultrasonic Transducers are to be fitted to the hull away from any large hull structures, stringers or bulkheads. Each transducer should be approx.. 200-300mm off the centreline of the hull. On a vessel with Stern Drives positioning of the transducer should be between 100-200mm forward from the transom. In each vessel the built in structures may prevent you from sticking to the recommended installation configuration and in most situations this is ok to use these as a guideline.

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