Will your system keep my hull clean?

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Our system is developed to keep your hull clean from barnacle and algae growth. It won’t however prevent the natural staining cause by the water in your area. We suggest that an antifoul coating every three to four years would be a good idea to keep your hull staining mostly non visible, to enhance your vessels appearance and help prevent corrosion / water ingress in the case of metallic hulls. This lift for antifouling is also a great opportunity to replace anodes and inspect the hull for other issues.

It is expected that a small amount of growth will occur close to the waterline around the vessel where the hull is exposed to both air and water. Our system only operates effectively within the water as it is more dense and concentrates the Ultrasonic Waves to the area close to the submerged hull and fittings. This growth is generally not complete and will usually come off when under way or will easily come away with a deck brush / light scrub.

CleanABoat.com also produces quality Marine Products including a specialised hull cleaner designed to remove yellowing mineral / scum stains.

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