Mini Ultrasonic Transducer Kit

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Mini Targeted Protection Transducers. (Kit of 2 Transducers + Splitter & Cables)

We are the first and only to offer our patent pending Mini Transducer system for targeted Ultrasonic Antifouling protection. These are specially tuned smaller versions of the Hull Transducers that operate using a standard output from our Control Module. They come in a kit of 2 Transducers and a Splitter Box as shown in the image to the right. The splitter box shown takes one of your Ultrasonic Transducer outputs and “splits” it into two of our Mini Transducers.

Applications: Our Mini Transducer system is developed for enhanced protection, to be used with Hull Transducers to target extra protection to areas such as Sea Strainers, Rudders, Props and Shafts, Skegs, Seawater Piping, Stern Drive Legs, Trim Tabs, Submerged Struts and many other areas.

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