About CleanAHull

Globatech Australia, Since 2006

Globatech Australia is the manufacturer of the international market leading Ultrasonic Antifouling systems “CleanAHull” and “H2oBioSonic”.

Globatech Australia is an Australian based technology & manufacturing firm that specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of quality Australian made electronics. Throughout the development of our electronics a focus to energy conservation, environmental impact and long electronic life is paramount.

About CleanAHull

CleanAHull was born over 10 years ago to tackle the task of finding an environmentally friendly antifouling technology alternative. As government legislation concerning poisonous biocide additives in anitfouling paints is continually becoming more stringent.

After much research into a number of technologies it was decided that the most most effective proven and environmentally friendly solution was ultrasonic bio-fouling. Ultrasonic technologies have been utilized in many industries including food production, sterilization, part cleaning and more.

CleanAHull, now many years on, has continued R&D, grown the product range and improved the technology out of sight. The product is a self calibrating, highly reliable effective fit and forget solution.

CleanAHull keeps algae, weed, barnacles and mussels away and under control season on season in a vast variety of applications from Cooling systems to Super Yachts. GLOBAtech Australia is also extensively invested in industrial applications from Fish Farms to Cooling Towers with our H2oBioSonic products.

With our continued R&D we incorporate updates from software & algorithm changes to board revisions as required ensuring the system is at the cutting edge at all times. Currently in our 5th generation with many thousands of system installed worldwide the CleanAHull Ultrasonic Antifouling system continues to lead the industry with the most advanced features such as our patented !BLAST! function, LCD Display, Self Calibration, PLC Connectivity, Individual Channel Fusing and our completely digital control ensuring our system is the most efficient and quietest system in the world.

How the CleanAHull System Works

CleanAHull™ utilises advanced digital ultrasonics to generate regions of microscopic high and low pressure around the vicinity of the hull, this destroys algae and drastically reduces the marine growth rate, improving the performance of the vessel and drastically reducing the fuel consumption while also extending the haul out and repainting intervals. 
“We essentially utilise a similar technology to ultrasonic cleaning, used in industry and medical for a long long time. Once you understand the principles behind ultrasonic cavitation and ultrasonic sterilisation it makes complete sense that when applied properly to this application it works a treat.” – Says Joshua David, Globatech Australia CEO and Head Engineer.