Industrial Applications

Industrial, Commercial and Custom Applications

The CleanAHull (Ultrasonic Antifouling Protection System) is an advanced Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS) which uses advanced Ultrasonic Frequencies to destroy marine growth / fouling from all surfaces and internal piping which reside within or carry seawater or freshwater. The CleanAHull is an environmentally friendly alternative to cathodic systems and as it has a much longer operational life with no servicing/replacement parts required there is a outstanding cost savings.

The CleanAHull Ultrasonic Antifouling System comes in a specialised industrial version with all of the smarts and the configuration adaption from the factory for each individual application. From Commercial Charter Vessels, Freight Carriers, Ocean Liners, Platforms and Rigs, Desalination Plants, Power Plants, Seawater Intakes, Algae Control and more.

Custom Applications

The Globatech Australia team are ready to tailor a solution for your application. We can reach any corner of the Globe and provide a solution for your Seawater Growth issues on everything from a Heat Exchanger to a Power Plant.


The CleanAHull Industrial Ultrasonic Antifouling System is a very versatile solution, with the transducers capable of being submerged to depth and operate under the harshest conditions. It is also serviceable and operates on safe input voltages. Each Ultrasonic Anti-fouling Industrial system is suited to the application and can even be programmed to operate however the application requires. As we are the manufacturer, the supplier and the support.

The CleanAHull Industrial system is also suited to larger pleasure craft applications if so desired.

Monitoring Systems

Globatech Australia is ready to create customised solutions which can achieve full control room monitoring or automated back to base monitoring. Whatever the requirement from an engineer’s control panel to a iPhone Application synchronised over the internet.

Contact Us today to discuss your application and we will work with you to tailor a solution.