How To’s

The Team at CleanAShine, CleanABoat and XtreemGuard often produce how to, help videos and demonstration videos. Posted below is a selection of our How to videos. Feel free to view!

How to Rejuvenate Dull/Yellow/Oxidised GelCoat

Learn how to Repair Yellowing Gel Coat, Dull Gel Coat and Oxidization!
Just a few easy steps using a special product™ purpose developed you’re Gel Coat will be in Pristine Condition!

How to Clean Marine Teak Decking

Learn how to effectively clean teak decking!® shows you how to clean your teak decks, and get the best results every time.



How to Apply XtreemGuard X5000 Protective Sealer Polish

Learn how to Apply X5000 Spray on Polish to Protect your Gel Coat, Painted Surfaces, & more!
Just a two easy steps using X5000™ And you can protect your vessel from the elements! We also put X5000 through its paces! Watch and see