The Future of Antifouling

Ultrasonic Antifouling Solution – Explained

Our Advanced Ultrasonic Antifouling system destroys algae and prevents barnacle growth using advanced specificaly tuned Ultrasonic Frequencies. These Blasts of high frequency Ultrasonics prevent Barnacles and Algae from growing in the first place. By keeping your hull cleaner for longer you are able to avoid the yearly antifouling process on your vessel.

But How does Ultrasonic Antifouling work?

Ultrasonic antifouling has been used in industry for many years and has only, in the last 4-5 years, been adapted for use for Marine vessels. Basically our Digital Transducer Control Module sends a refined program of short ultrasonic wave burst signals to the Ultrasonic Transducer that is mounted onto your hull, this transducer emits these specific frequencies which are beyond the hearing range of humans. The Ultrasonic Sound waves emitted through your hull generate a barrier at a microscopic level of moving water molecules throughout the submerged hull area which destroys algae and barnacles, preventing them from attaching to your hull.

It really is that simple! You can use our Product Selector to see which of our Advanced Ultrasonic Antifouling units is suitable for your vessel.

Does it use much power?

Our system is designed to operate on as little power as necessary to provide enhanced protection, we have developed a special digital system which controles a specific range of burst frequencies controling the longevity of the bursts and refining them has reduced the total power drain, nominal drain is as little as 0.2Amps at 12VDC, this will fluctuate as the unit runs through its program. To see Technical Specifications on our units click here or to have your questions answered view our FAQ’s here.

Ultrasonic Antifouling Transducer Position